Happy New Year (and Some Shameless Self-Promotion)

An image of Doreen Yomoah and Nina Steele of Nonparents on the BBC The Conversation podcast website


Happy New Year from the world’s shittest blogger!

I was featured on the BBC podcast The Conversation, hosted by Kim Chakanetsa, along with Nina Steele, founder of of Nonparents.

Please check it out!


  1. Hey

    I got a chance to listen to the BBC Podcast and it was such an eye opener because last year I had such a tough conversation with my mother who decided to ask me when am I having kids and I could not lie to her so I told her I don’t want kids, she almost lost it, if I wasn’t a grown ass man I swear she would have whooped my bottom LOL. She still does not support my choice, but I was happy when I hear the podcast and had a sigh of relief because I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Just want to thank you and Nina Steele for sharing your stories and helping me feel human again.

    All the best for 2021

    Zacarias Paulo

  2. What a wonderful conversation. Funny, touching, and real. I am writing a novel with an African narrator who feels this way (but takes a while to get clarity on her own feelings) so I really appreciate this platform and this particular podcast episode! What a relief to see these conversations taking place out in the open. xo


  3. Hi,
    I really enjoyed your conversation on the BBC. I’m a hetero normative white male who lived in different parts of Africa for more than 30 years. I’m married w/o children. My African friends think that there is something wrong with me and cannot understand why I don’t have many kids. My reason is simple: life is had and the prospect of death overwhelming. I didn’t ask to be born. I refuse to give the burden of life to an unmasking other. I love children. I am a good uncle. I help pay for school for friends’ children. There are so many unloved children already here. If you must raise a child, adopt.

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